Frequently Asked Questions


Can you combine people from multiple photos?

Yes, we can create a collage of several people or pets. Always depending on the size of the crystal piece, we can fit in a different number.


Will the background of my photo be etched too?

No, our team will remove the background from the original image and center the figures in order to create the best 2d or 3D model.


How long will take to receive my finished crystal?

The production of the crystal piece is quiet quickly; usually we can create it in the same day when we receive the picture. But, since every order has different instructions, the production time could vary.

The shipping service you select will determine the time the shipment takes to get to you. If you do not specify express shipping, we will use ordinary mail that will take from one week to 10 working days.


Is it possible to make a 3d portrait from a normal photo? 

Yes, it possible to create a 3D image from any picture..

We are working with the latest software and laser technology for image conversion. Like that can provide a high quality 3d crystal even if the picture you email us is a normal one.


Is the 2d and 3d cost different?

Yes, it is.

The cost of a 2d crystal piece is the price you see when you select the format on the product selection. That will be the final price for the crystal; you will only have to add a shipping cost in the case we need to send it to you.

For the 3d crystals, the cost is the crystal price plus our image editing rate that is 10e extra for person/pet on the photo.

For instance, if you choose a Quader 60x40x40, the normal price for a 2d crystal is 30e complete with the picture engraved. If you wish to have a 3d instead, with one person in it, it will be 30e plus 10e; if there are 2 people in the photo, it will be 30e for the crystal and 20e for the 3d effect (10e each person), etc.


How do I know if the photo I have has enough quality?

The better quality of the photo the better quality engraving it will provide for.  

Our professional team has long experience and will enhance your photo for the best result. If the image is too bright or dark, if it is out of focus, etc., we will fix it.

If, even after the editing process, we think your photo is not acceptable we will contact you back.


Can I use an old picture even if it is a bit ruined?

If you have a really old photo (like family pictures, grandparents, etc.) and you want to make a nice memorial of it, no worries, we are used to edit all sorts of images, we will reduce the noise, lines, spots and every single error the best we can to try to have a fine photo.


What file format and how large can my image file be?

Our system can process almost any image file type. Common file types includes - JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG


Do you take International Orders?

Yes, we do. Worldwide.


What payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal or direct bank transfer.


Is the cube plastic or glass? 

We use the best optical crystal quality for our creations. The image in the crystals remains forever! It will not vanish or change its color.



Thank you for shopping with us!